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Use Your Head, Wear a Helmet!

Bicycle helmets are the single most effective way to reduce the number of head injuries and fatalities due to bicycle crashes in California and the nation. Bicycle helmets reduce the likelihood of serious brain injuries resulting from bicycle crashes by 85 percent. California is leading the nation with its forward-thinking public policies and programs aimed at protecting Californians against injury, disability and death from bicycle-related head injuries. The California bicycle helmet law and successful community efforts to increase helmet use are paying dividends. Moreover, biking is fun, good exercise and promotes good air quality.

As adults, we can contribute to the movement to protect our families as well as our community members by acting as role models. By discussing the importance of bicycle helmets with others as well as using bicycle helmets when we ride, we can do our part to save lives and prevent injuries, disabilities and death. - Building a Bicycle Friendly Community