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Sharrows - Coming Soon to Streets Near You!

Picture of Sharrow Road Marking"Share the Road" — it's a self explanatory phrase. Many people, however, fail to understand the importance or the practicality of the statement. The City of Yuba City has found a way to remind motorists, cyclists and pedestrians that we must share the road. Enter the Sharrow. The City of Yuba City will be soon be installing over 190 sharrows throughout the roadways of Yuba City.

"Sharrows" are street markings that simply remind all roadway users to share the road with each other. Sharrows improve the position of both bicyclists and motorists on roadways and are markings used within travel lanes shared by bicyclists and other vehicles. The name "sharrow" was coined as a combination of shared lane and arrow.

Sharrows are a great reminder to keep the streets safer, but sharrows and other infrastructure improvements can never match the safety that comes with being a skilled, confident and defensive cyclist. Before getting out on the roads, all cyclists should know the California Bike Safety recommendations and laws.

Riding and driving smart keeps Yuba-Sutter roads safe, and more enjoyable for everyone. Bicyclists, walkers, and motorists all share our city's roads and all have equal rights. Nothing counts more than safety and courtesy, so remember to SHARE the ROAD! - Building a Bicycle Friendly Community